How To Prevent Your Dog’s Barks (part 3)

I can offer you some more tips to help you to stop dog barking, in tandem with establishing yourself as pack leader.
¥ Exercise: Have your dog exert physically before leaving them alone – relaxing is easier when tired.

¥ Find their preferred spot: Experiment with letting your dog linger in different places – for some dogs a confined space (e.g. a washroom) may do the trick, while others find it easier to relax outside.

¥ Watered and fed: Never leave the house before ensuring that your dog has plenty water, is fed, and warm.
¥ Remove any bones: Make sure there are no bones left behind – but toys are fine.
¥ Music and Television: It’s a good trick to leave the TV on or some music playing for your dog, as these will distract him.

¥ Natural products: Some natural products for dogs exist that have relaxing properties. However, keep in mind that they only help to treat the symptom, not the cause, and they can be expensive.
¥ Have someone walk your dog: Breaking your dog’s day mid-way may be helpful
¥ Be calm while leaving: Although it may be fun, try not to act enthusiastically when leaving your dog. Greet them 5-10 minutes in advance of your departure, to facilitate their relaxation.

Comfort jackets: Special shirts and jackets, designed to comfort the dog are also available. But they are ridiculously expensive and not that effective. One dog I know even had one for lunch!

How To Prevent Your Dog’s Barks (part 2)

As we mentioned at the previous post, The answer to your dog barking problem is pretty plain; all you have to do is to make your dog see you as the pack leader.
Once this happens, the dog will stop thinking that it’s his purpose in life to protect you.
From that point onward, you will leave and return home at will, and your dog will be totally cool with it.
And that’s all there is to it. That’s not a trick, but a sincere understanding.
To get to the point, although transforming into a pack leader is not rocket science and it can be achieved by anyone, it’s not possible to explain it in detail here. You can head over to for a thorough explanation of how to become a pack leader in your dog’s eyes, so they don’t bark when they are left alone. You don’t even have to pay before trying the site –use the $1 offer you get from us!

How To Prevent Your Dog’s Barks (part 1)

There aren’t many things that can be as annoying as a barking dog that never stops. Regardless of the barking type, deep “woof”, or high-pitched “yap”, there’s only a certain amount of it that a person can handle.

Fortunately, barking is not a necessity towards having a happy dog. As a matter of fact, barking usually reveals frustration, stress, anxiety or an overly excited dog, neither of which are emotions you should be happy that your dog experiences.

You should keep in mind that a relaxed, happy dog doesn’t bark!

We are going to examine one particular barking type and the things you can do to stop it.

Be patient with me at this point, because the important thing is to try and think like your dog!

So, imagine this…

As a pack animal, your dog knows that someone leads and the rest follow.

It makes sense, if you think about it… It’s like being a parent to a 3-year-old kid; you can’t take your eyes off of them, otherwise their safety is at stake. This never stops. You have to be aware of their whereabouts constantly.

Also, all the terrible things your dog does when you are not around, like destroying, chewing, digging or jumping, are the consequences of him or her being stressed due to your absence. The dog doesn’t know where you are and he can’t protect you, which stresses him.

So, what do we do about it? Well, the solution should never be a chewing bone. Can you imagine being offered a box of chocolates for reassurance over the fact that your child is somewhere outside, alone? Chocolates are awesome, but they won’t help remedy your feelings.

Other kinds of distractions, such as food-filled toys, are only temporary solutions as well. They may keep the dog silent for a while, but they are not dealing with the root problem. It’s a point that I don’t have to try particularly hard to prove to you since the chances are that you’ve already tried it.

The answer to your problem is pretty plain; all you have to do is to make your dog see you as the pack leader. To be continued… (want to be the first to know? REGISTER NOW!)

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